Robert Hogan, CFE

Forensics and Intelligence for Business


Utilization of existing data for fraud prevention, detection, and response; economic damages and business interruption; business valuation; digital forensics; and a full range of litigation matters.


Support for decision makers in the areas of internal and external analysis, competitive intelligence, strategic planning and execution, physical security and protection, information security, and counter-espionage.


Each client is different, and offering a menu of services is inefficient. Instead, I focus on key pillars that facilitate delivering high-impact solutions while being sensitive to the needs and constraints of the client.


I work with clients to understand what their current situation is, where their end goals is, and what we have to work with. From there we develop a plan of action.


Clients often just need a trusted advisor who is able to provide resources that are not otherwise available. I work with clients to be that advisor.


Some clients and their staff need to add skills internally. I often work with clients through training sessions, seminars, and ongoing educational opportunities.


I partner with clients to develop long range strategic plans. More importantly, I work with clients to execute those plans.


When clients need immediate solutions, I can provide the tactical response to get the job done.


With all of my clients the goal is to invest in their success, which is why I maintain relationships with our clients for the long-term.

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