Robert Hogan, CFE

Forensics and Intelligence for Business


Each client is different, so in lieu of offering a menu of services, I focus on key domains that facilitate delivering high-impact solutions while being sensitive to the needs and constraints of the client.


Clients utilize forensic services such as forensic accounting, digital forensics, and document examination to help support complex business dealings. These services aid clients in understand the root cause of business issues, and are often instrumental in resolving internal investigations.


Clients utilize intelligence services when developing strategic plans, to aid in complex decision making, or when faced with ambiguous business dealings. Additionally, I work with clients to understand the risk of corporate espionage, and implement solutions to mitigate the risk to intellectual property.


Clients utilize governance services to ensure that the Boards of publicly-traded organizations and non-profit entities are providing appropriate oversight. This includes Audit Committee guidance, compliance oversight, and awareness training initiatives.

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