Martial Fraud

Early in my career I often worked in the family courts, where my duty was to put a value on martial assets to help determine distribution of those assets or to determine the amounts required for alimony or child support. This this led to uncovering a wide variety of frauds, including under/over reporting income or […]

Solving for Absenteeism

When your employees do not show up for work it is frustrating, more importantly it can cost you productivity and money. Many businesses struggle with absenteeism, but few do anything about it. Those who keep metrics on absenteeism typically look at time lost (number of days missed in a period divided by the total number […]

Who Commits Industrial Espionage

In a recent post I shared some of the details behind a Chinese firm’s attempts to conduct industrial espionage against US cell phone company T-Mobile. Most firms attempting to gather intelligence on their competitors will not stoop to such illegal methods. However, every firm wants to know what their competitors are doing in order to […]

Bad Decisions Happen

You are going to make bad decisions. We all do, and it happens all the time. If you every want to waste an afternoon, search for “bad decisions” on YouTube and you will get treated to hours of people making poor decisions that result in simultaneously comical and tragic outcomes. One common thread in all […]

The Strategy of Business Acquisitions

I was recently chatting with a business owner who was lamenting the fact that no one was interested in acquiring his business. He started a fintech company that was operating with strong financials and a proven product. He had made scores of great connections in the industry and had been making moves to let people […]


Arson typically conjures the image of a pyromaniac setting a fire for the thrill of it, or a criminal using fire to cover up evidence of another crime. But according to the Insurance Research Council, at least 14 percent of arsons are the result of economic pressures. So called arson-for-profit is a type of insurance […]