Martial Fraud

Early in my career I often worked in the family courts, where my duty was to put a value on martial assets to help determine distribution of those assets or to determine the amounts required for alimony or child support. This this led to uncovering a wide variety of frauds, including under/over reporting income or […]

A Primer on Forensic Accounting

Very few people I have met understand what I do when I tell them I am a forensic accountant. They either have never heard of forensic accounting, or their experience is limited to the stories of a relative who hired a forensic accountant to help with a divorce or investigate a fraud in a small […]

The Embezzlement that Fell Into My Lap

I met Brandon Garnett at a police station. I was working with the police department to build out an identity theft investigation unit, and Garnett was referred to the unit because he claimed his business was a victim. To substantiate his claim, he produced bank statements showing unusual charges on his business bank account and […]

Simple Analytic Test Reveals Massive Nursing Home Fraud

I have never been described as shy. In fact you can often find me chatting up strangers to learn more about who they are and what they do. I am often fortunate to enough to be able to offer some tip or tool that makes my new friend’s business or personal lift better. For example, […]

Kind-Hearted Kickbacks

Hogan Forensics was engaged to be an Integrity Monitor for a non-profit organization that received federal and state funding to renovate school facilities. Irma Hawking, a respected community organizer, held the position of Executive Director of the organization for three years and was instrumental in securing federal grant funds to continue the organization’s work. In […]