Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act can be somewhat confusing, and it provides little guidance on exactly where or how to look for bribes and other illegal payments. However, it clearly indicates that virtually all U.S. businesses, as well as non-U.S. firms registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), must not engage in bribery […]

The Embezzlement that Fell Into My Lap

I met Brandon Garnett at a police station. I was working with the police department to build out an identity theft investigation unit, and Garnett was referred to the unit because he claimed his business was a victim. To substantiate his claim, he produced bank statements showing unusual charges on his business bank account and […]


Arson typically conjures the image of a pyromaniac setting a fire for the thrill of it, or a criminal using fire to cover up evidence of another crime. But according to the Insurance Research Council, at least 14 percent of arsons are the result of economic pressures. So called arson-for-profit is a type of insurance […]

Welcome to the Information Age

There have been few times in the history of mankind when rapid changes disrupted the status quo and changed the way we live and work. We moved from hunter-gathers to farmers, then we established cities and centralized hubs of commerce, then we harnessed steam power and developed an industrial society. Today we are in the […]

Industrial Espionage

Engineers from various smartphone makers were invited by T-Mobile to play with a robotic device that T-Mobile had developed called Tappy. The point of Tappy was to stress test new phones to discover bugs. Engineers from Chinese phone maker Huawei took an interest in the robot, but instead of working with T-Mobile to license the […]

Kind-Hearted Kickbacks

Hogan Forensics was engaged to be an Integrity Monitor for a non-profit organization that received federal and state funding to renovate school facilities. Irma Hawking, a respected community organizer, held the position of Executive Director of the organization for three years and was instrumental in securing federal grant funds to continue the organization’s work. In […]