Who Commits Industrial Espionage

In a recent post I shared some of the details behind a Chinese firm’s attempts to conduct industrial espionage against US cell phone company T-Mobile. Most firms attempting to gather intelligence on their competitors will not stoop to such illegal methods. However, every firm wants to know what their competitors are doing in order to […]

Intelligence Fuels Strategy

Intelligence for business is the use of information to inform strategy. An organization’s strategy is the plan by which the organization is able to sustain its existence. As the age of the Industrial Revolution has given way to the age of the Information Revolution, many firms that relied on the old way of doing business […]

Welcome to the Information Age

There have been few times in the history of mankind when rapid changes disrupted the status quo and changed the way we live and work. We moved from hunter-gathers to farmers, then we established cities and centralized hubs of commerce, then we harnessed steam power and developed an industrial society. Today we are in the […]